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Raiford St. - SelmaIn February 27, 1962 Selma adopted the Council-manager form of government, which it operates under today.   The Town Council consists of the Mayor and four (4) Council members elected at-large.  Council members hold policy making and legislative authority and are responsible for passing ordinances, adopting the budget, appointing Board and Commission members, the Town Manager and Town Attorney. The Town Manager is responsible for implementing and enforcing policies and ordinance of the Town Council and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the government.

The Town Clerk maintains the official records of the Town and serves as a support person for the Mayor and Town Council.  Persons wishing to reach the Mayor or a member of the Town Council, should contact Julie Maybee, Planning Economic Development Director, by telephone at (919) 965-9841, ext. 1006.

Jon Barlow, Town Manager
Town of Selma
114 North Raiford Street
Selma, NC 27576
 919-965-9841 ext. 1002

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Town of Selma strives to provide efficient, quality services at a reasonable cost, in a friendly and professional manner.  We encourage employee excellence and foster open communications with those we serve.  The Town promotes economic development opportunities for our future while preserving, protecting, and enhancing the quality of life for our citizens.

Administrative Services Department is located in the Town Hall at 114 N. Raiford Street and includes the offices of the Town Manager, the Town Clerk/Human Resources Director, the Finance Officer, and the Administrative Support staff.  The Town Manager is the Chief Financial Officer and budget developer and oversees the overall operation of the Town.  The Town Clerk/Human Resources Director provides administrative support to the Mayor and Town Council, maintains the official records of the Town, and is responsible for the administration of the Human Resources function.  The Finance Officer is responsible for the financial administration activities of the Town, including financial recordkeeping, fiscal control, and investments, and also supervises the Customer Service Department.  Phone - (919) 965-9841

Cemetery Department, located in Town Hall, helps families with lot purchases, performs grave openings and closings, maintains final resting places of loved ones, and assists in locating graves.  The cemetery department is a division of the Public Works Department; however, for information on the above services, please come to Town Hall or call (919) 965-9841.

Fire Department, located at 201 North Webb Street, is committed to minimizing the loss of life and property due to fire, disaster and other situations which adversely impact our quality of life.  The Fire Chief may be reached by calling (919) 965-2697.  For emergencies, please call 911. Fire Inspections

Human Resources Department, located in the Town Hall, is responsible for employee recruitment and the hiring process, employee benefits, and employee relations.  Human Resources is also responsible for Risk Management, workers' compensation, and the employee safety and drug-free workplace programs.  Phone - (919) 965-9841

Library is located at 301 N. Pollock Street and provides resources and services necessary to satisfy the informational needs and pursuits of the community.  The Library's collection includes a wide range of books, reference materials, audio books, video recordings, newspapers, and magazines.  Phone - (919) 965-8613

Parks and Recreation Department, located at 305 N. Pollock Street, provides numerous recreational and leisure activities and programs for all ages.  The department maintains the Town's parks and athletic fields, as well as the Richard B. Harrison Gym.  Phone - (919) 975-1411.

Planning & Inspections Department, also located in the Town Hall, consists of Planning & Zoning, Building Permitting & Inspections, and Code Enforcement & Community Appearance.  These offices are responsible for regulating all land development activities within the Town's incorporated limits and extraterritorial boundaries.  Phone - (919) 965-9841 - Zoning Map

Police Department is located at 201 N. Webb Street.  The Police Department protects life and property through enforcement and prevention programs and supports the Community Watch Program through its Community Policing Division.  They are committed to fairness, compassion, and excellence while providing police services in accordance with the law and remaining sensitive to the priorities and needs of the community.  Phone - (919) 965-8189.  For emergencies, please call 911.

Public Utilities consists of three divisions to serve customers for electric, water, and sewer services to both residential and commercial customers.

- Customer Service, located in Town Hall at 114 N. Raiford Street, is responsible for the collection of payments, setting up new accounts for all services, transfers, and disconnections, billing, and meter reading. Phone - (919) 965-9841

- Electrical Distribution is located at 409 E. Anderson Street.  This division is responsible for installing and maintaining electrical services, performing electrical repairs, and maintaining electrical lines. Phone - (919) 965-8981

- Water Distribution / Water Treatment Plant / Sewer Collection maintains and repairs water and sewer lines and water meters, and is responsible for the operation and up keep of the Water Plant Distribution and Collection System. Phone - (919) 965-2244

Public Works, located at 311 S. Webb Street, is responsible for the maintenance of the Town's streets, for garbage collection, recycling, Town cemeteries, and the Town's equipment and vehicle maintenance.  Phone - (919) 965-8726

Rescue Squad is a separate corporate from the Town of Selma.  However, the Town of Selma works in cooperation with the Rescue Squad.  The Rescue Squad building is located at 201 North Webb Street and may be reached by calling (919) 965-6761.  For emergencies, please call 911.


235-A East Market Street
Smithfield, North Carolina 27577

tel 919.989.8687  |  fax 919.989.6295
toll free 1.800.441.7829

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